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Classroom Schedule for U.S. History

flowerBursey’s Bell Schedule


U.S. History

Time 7:50 Early Bell Course

7:55-8:58 (1st Period)

U.S History ( Hybrid)

9:03-9:58 (2nd Period)

U.S. History (Hybrid)

10:03-10:58 (3rd Period)

Planning (Hybrid)

11:03- 11:23

First Lunch 

11:28-12:25 (4th Period)

U.S. History (Hybrid)

12:30-1:23 (5th Period)

U.S. History (Hybrid)

1:28- 2:20 (6th  Period)

U.S. History (Hybrid)

Dismissal Time:  3:20 for 2nd Floor and Freshman Academy Only

2:25-3:15 (7th Period)                U. S. History (Hybrid)